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Research Process Notes: Personal Freedom and Bill of Rights

By curcioLc Jan 10, 2015 271 Words
Research Web 2
Your topic:_First Amendment_(specific Amendment/personal freedom from Bill of Rights) Fill in the list of resources relating to the topic you selected. Two sources have been provided for you to assist in your research. Explore the provided sources and add sources from your own research. Use your Research Process Notes from this lesson if you need help remembering the research strategies introduced in this lesson. Multi-media Sources: videos, audio, slideshows, or graphics Source 1: Video, (use the video related to the Amendment you chose for your research), “The Story of the Bill of Rights,” Part __1__. 

Source 2:

Source 3: Domain Specific Vocabulary/Key Terms: (include definitions or descriptions) 1. civil liberties : personal rights of citizens guaranteed by the First Amendment.
3.freedom of speech :first Amendment guarantee that Congress will not limit the free expression of individuals

Landmark Case Articles: find articles related to the Landmark case you intend to use in your article Source 1: article with list of landmark cases, (choose one case in support of your topic)

Source 2:
Source 3:
Domain Specific Vocabulary/Key Terms: (include definitions or descriptions) 1. SMITH ACT: sedition law that makes rebelling or conspiring against the U.S. government illegal.
3.freedom of the press: First Amendment guarantee against censorship of the media 4.civil liberties: personal rights of citizens guaranteed by the First Amendment 5. freedom of speech: First Amendment guarantee that Congress will not limit the free expression of individuals

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