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"thE fEasibiLity of mAngo (Magnifera indica) LeavEs aS An inseCticiDe" ABSTRACT

This study aimed to produced an insecticide from mango leaves using the decoction method. To get the extract of mango leaves, this will be pounded using the mortar and pestle and were boiled in water for its preservation. Let the decoction cool down and it will be filtered to separate the liquid from some solid particles then place in a sprayer.

The produced insecticide was compared with the commercial ones. At least 5 mosquitoes will be sprayed through the organic insecticide which is the mango leaves decoction insecticide and another 5 pieces will be sprayed using the commercial insecticide. There will be 3 trials that should be done using the mango leaves decoction insecticide. Results showed that the commercial insecticide was still better to use than this produced insecticide. Out of five mosquitoes, only 1 died in the first experiment unlike using the commercial insecticide which killed almost all mosquitoes. Thus, it was concluded that the mango leaves decoction was not good enough in producing an insecticide.

* Background of the Study
Mango is the most popular fruit in the tropics and was called "The King of Asiatic Fruits". This mango has many uses especially its leaves which could also be used as an insecticide, a substance that contain different toxins which can kill insects. In relation to preserving nature and environment, the researcher made study about the mango leaves decoction as an insecticide. This is based from what the researcher observed that there were no growing grasses under the mango trees. And I found out that mango leaves contain an ethylwnw chloride which is a colorless toxin, volatile liquid and belongs to the family of organic halogen compounds. Thus, this substance found out in mango leaves could also be used as an insecticide. * Statement of the Problem

> Declarative Form
This study tries to find out if the decoction of mango leaves could kill insects such as cockroaches. The researcher would like to find out if which is better, the mango leaves decoction or the commercial ones. I would like also to know if this could give more benefits and offers a cheaper value in order to help those people who can't afford to buy the commercial ones. Specifically, this study will try to answer the following questions: 1. Can this mango leaves decoction could kill insects such as cockroaches? 2. Is this insecticide comparable to the commercial ones?

* Hypotheses
The mango leaves decoction could kill insects such as cockroaches because of its toxic composition. This is an environmental friendly and can be comparable to the commercial ones because it is cheap aside fom its effectivity, it is purely organic.

* Significance of the Study
This study attempts to help the people save money. This will also help people to be friendly to nature. Also, it could help solve the poblem in insects which in the end can make our home free from diseases caused by insects. * Scope and Limitation

This study is to be used only as an insecticide for cockroaches. * Definition of Terms
1. Mango - known as "King of Asiatic fruits"; a member of Anarchardiaceae. 2. Magnifera indica - scientific name of mango.
3. Ethylene chloride - a colorless toxin, volatile luquid and belongs to the family of organic halogen compound. 4. Insects - tiny animals; six-legged organism and some have wings. 5. Volatile liquid - a changeable or fickle liquid.

6. Organic Insecticide - an insecticide made out from nature. CHAPTER II
The mango is known as the "King of Asiatic " throughout the world. The name Mango (Magnifera indica) is derived from the Tamil word "mangkay". Mango is a manber of Anarcardiaceae family. Other distant relatives include the cashew, pitachio, Jamaica plum, poison ivy and poison oak. Mango leaves are alternately arranged,lanceolate (long and narrow) shaped 6-16 inches...
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