Research Paper – How university halls reflect gender stereotype.

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Sex Pages: 8 (2620 words) Published: December 4, 2013
The research aims to study about the relationship between university resident halls’ regulation and gender stereotype in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, all university halls do not allow a male and female live in same room. Each hall has set the time slot that to control the different gender students gathering inside the hall. Also, if staff find out a non-resident accommodate in a room of different-gender’s resident, the penalty will be more serious than the same case but happening in same gender’s room. At the same time, nowadays, although the society is being more open mind, there are also remain some taboos, such as a male and another female cannot live in same room overnight. In this research, the subject is to find out how university halls reflect and maintain these stereotypes. Therefore, first, I would analyze the regulations of difference university resident halls to study how the schools regulate student to comply with the social norms. However, are these norms suitable or should be kept? Therefore, second, I would have several in-depth interviews with different student residents to ask them how their feelings to the restrictions and thus what are their feelings as a ‘user’ of hall. Do they have enough right to use the place?

Literature Review
According to the report by inmediahk, last year, two Chinese University students published a campaign that sleeping in the outdoor of the university hall. The slogan of the campaign was about that to shout to the administration of university to pay attention to desire for sexual relation of students and let students have right to have sex in the hall. After the campaign reported by mass media, the slogan successfully caught public’s attention. However, it was not the main point of the campaign (or it was just a point) as they claimed. The reason of announcing this slogan was the hall has deep restrictions to the visitors of different gender. These regulations were influenced by the ideology of tradition society. They argued that these regulations were not suitable nowadays. More than that, the regulations related to the gender and sex was just a part of the whole system. It was reflected that the officers of university act as parent to manage the adult students. It was all about power relationship. Therefore, students had no chance to change the unreasonable regulations. That was the main point that they wanted to negotiate and fight for the power for self-decision. Sex and gender were the perspectives that let the administration afraid. Therefore, they used this for the slogan of the event to catch the attention.

According to another essay published in facebook by one of the originate student, they thought that the hall is a place that instill normative knowledge in students. The gender issue was one of the significant examples to show how these mechanism runs. Firstly, the officers set up the rule that list out the different gender visiting time slot and the penalty of people violating these rules clearly. Secondly, in the lobby and corridor and other common are of the hall, we can easily to see the notice that remind them these rules. Therefore, the idea that girl stays in the boy’s room (or reverse) is not good. However, officers do not have big ban to the same gender visitors who over visiting time. Therefore, these also induce the heterosexual hegemony. However, in nowadays society, the gender difference should be accepted. It is individual’s freedom that to choose one’s that they want to live with whatever gender. Therefore, the problem of the hall regulations is that almost all the students are adults, but why so many behaviors are being restricted?

According to another interview, they announced another point about the role and responsibility of university students. The hall regulations reflected the gender stereotype. If we thought that this is not good for the social development and oppressed some people, what should we do? University took the...
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