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Topics: Leadership, Howard Schultz, Management Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: September 18, 2014
Leadership Behavior
Individuals in leadership positions display a wide variety of behaviors, and researchers have wondered whether there is a universal set of behaviors that differentiates effective leaders from ineffective leaders or if there are situational or follower factors that impact the types of behavior needed to build teams or get results through others. Leaders are ultimately judged by the results they obtain and the behaviors they exhibit. Leadership behaviors (which include skills and competencies) are a function of aptitude, character traits, responsive intelligence, values, attitudes, comforts, knowledge, and experience (Hughes et al. 2012) Howard Schultz leadership behavior has provided a role model for high ethics, pride, respect and trust. He is very open with his employees and associates about the company many different aspects. He believes that everyone has the right to know the good and bad news and that if he trusts the Starbucks family that they will trust in him as a leader. By instilling a great sense of self-importance in all his employees he hires and invests in individuals who have equally as much self-importance in the company.  A great example of gaining trust and respect from his employees is inviting them to “Town Hall” meetings so that they can voice their opinions, apprehensions or whatever is on their mind (Kelley, 2012, pg. 1). As discussed earlier in this paper he goes to great distances to make sure that employees know that they are respected and valued especially through such actions as encompassing benefits to any employee who works over 20 hours a week. Leaders high in thought engage in many different behaviors that show supportiveness and concern. Leaders such as Schultz exhibit this by speaking up for subordinates’ interests, caring about their personal circumstances, and showing gratitude for their work. Consideration helps one to determine how friendly and supportive a leader is toward subordinates. While...

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