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Topics: Management, Project management, Marketing Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Project Overview Statement
Executive Summary

Project Name: Pam Lewis Salon Business Plan
Last Updated: May 8, 2012 (change every time edited)
Project Manager(s): Samantha Veira, Megan Crandle
Sponsor: Pamela Lewis Duckworth

Project Overview|
This is with regards to an exceptionally valuable business opportunity that can be pursued, for which we are offering the project explanation and justification. We have identified a great business venture for marketing Pam Lewis Salon. The business would have exclusive and creative marketing techniques which would be good for guaranteed project success. Subject to your consent, we would like to generate a Business Plan and project proposal for this idea. What is needed to start this, project members, costs, web domain, risk management, communication plan and project budget that would facilitate in making a decision on the project. | Team Member| Project Role| Telephone Number| E-Mail Address| Samantha Veira| Project Manager| (732) 801-3947|| Megan Crandle| Project Manager| (732) 991-2675|| Jacklyn De Leon| Accountant| (973) 725-0642|| Christina Cuffaro| Sales and Marketing Consultant| (732) 277-9493|| Serena Lee| Wed Designer| (609) 844-0728||


Project Business Goal|

Primary Project Objectives|
The above table are stakeholders who would work together to accomplish objectives of time and cost along with successful project leadership that is significant for project success. The project managers are required to be successful team leaders by stating project objectives, great communication, setting team member expectations, motivate the team, and make certain of the team success. As the Web Designer I will create a website that is to the point and that is Hair. It will also include different kind of hair styles that Pamela has created...
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