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3.2.6 Macro environment of Samsung:
The Macro environment of Samsung includes five terms: Political/Legal force; Economic force; Technology force; Social/culture force and Environment force. Political-legal environment:
A series of political scandals has been laid bare during last 18 months, especially about that the government had bribed by big business organizations. This impact lots of organizations heavily and made the political environment not stable. Stable political environment had been formed these years and this situation provided a stable development environment. And this situation would be last for a long time. In 2006 China has brought new political decision to access some effect: First, protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Second, promote the development of competition environment which is more equitable; During 2005-2006, government to be major consumer of business organizations makes more ardent competition in this area. For Samsung: This environment could impact Samsung and would make it change its market into more stable countries such as China. Economic environment:

Global Economic in 2006 has already came into periodicity and tardiness phase, problems of high price of oil, global imbalance and the increase of high public liability of developed country would make the economic instability. However, the GDP of whole would increase intensively. And this might impact an organization in lots of terms such as supplier and debiting. In China economic increased intensively during the last 18 months. GDP of China nearly up to 9%. Thus the environment of economic environment in China would good for organizations. For Samsung: It would be impacted heavily from the declining of global economic, however, in China, stable and increasing market would let Samsung put more focus on it. And the price of Samsung’s product should be change for the different condition of the different countries. Technology environment:

Generally speaking, the current of technology nowadays could be described as huge new technology coming forth, especially in global information. And the pace is more and more fast. The amalgamation of information sciences, life sciences, matter sciences and cognitive sciences made information technology use in more areas. Social-Culture environment:

Traditional symbol still take an important part in Chinese people’s minds, such as bamboo, orchid, imperial and so on. However, new symbol coming from western country became more and more popular during the last 18 months. In China for not only a little difference between high earning group and low earning group different buying behavior had being formed. People who in first group above like to buy production with high quality and they care about the comfort of the production, however, they would update their productions while there are new one; on the other hand, poorer people just care about the price of the production. For Samsung: Since Samsung’s productions aim at high earning group people, they should put most of their market in that area, and they need to do their effort on productions’ feature. Demographic environment: (In China)

We can understand the demographic distribution use the diagram below (Unit 10 thousands): | |Gross |Percent | |City |56212 |43.0 | |County |74544 |57.0 | |Male |67375 |51.5 | |Female |63381 |48.5 | |Age 0-14...
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