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Topics: Oyster, Tide, Mussel Pages: 15 (4909 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Potential Culture Sites for Green Mussel and Oyster in Metro Manila

A Research Paper Presented to
Professor Estrella G. Alvarado
Mapúa Institute of Technology

In partial fulfillment
of the requirements in
English for Academic Purposes 2
(ENG 11 – B16)
Group 10

Khelly Shan C. Sta. Rita
Mark Christian B. Taguiao
Nowell Neill D. Teodoro
Darren Austin T. Tiu
Margaret D. Mallo

18 June 2013

Green mussel and oyster, locally known as tahong and talaba respectively, are abundant edible shellfishes in the Philippines that sell great commercially because of their tantalizing taste. This literature review explores potential culture sites for further and more productive harvest of green mussel and oyster in Metro Manila. The purpose of this study is to name bodies of water that are feasible for green mussel and oyster farming based on the evaluation of available biophysical parameters, economic, and market opportunities. In accordance with the Mission-Vision statement of Mapúa Institute of Technology, this research delivers the data collectively that will serve as an initiative and development of other researches. Also in line with the creed of the School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, this paper reflects a strong sense of citizenship towards the country and eventually in the larger global community by later on providing credible results that will promote common good of society. Subsequent to this, this research caters the improvement and importance of culture sites that will improve our state of living specifically in terms of economics. Site suitability rating systems are to be used in assessing the environmental parameters of the sites. The biophysical parameters such as salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, water current and depth of the site are to be measured.

Philippine green mussel, scientifically known as Perna viridis, is farmed and harvested due to its dense and fast growth (DeVictor and Knott, UNDATED). They convert their food into palatable, nutritious animal protein ( 2006). The farming of mussels started in 1955 when the Bureau of Fisheries oyster farming station in Binakayan, Cavite established a 300 m2 demonstration mussel farm (Rosell, 1992). The fisheries personnel however realized the potentials of the species as a primary crop itself and decided to put up the demonstration farm. Oyster is a seafood that sell great commercially around the world. It is bought for its rich flavor and taste. The farming of oyster in the Philippines was said to have started as early as 1931 when an oyster farm was established in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental employing the broadcast method of culture (Rosell, 1992). Then either in 1932 (Ronquillo, 1992) or 1935 (Rosell, 1992) the then Bureau of Science introduced improved methods in Binakayan, Cavite. Until now Binakayan is still a major oyster producing center. For a long while, oyster farms were confined largely to the Manila Bay area with only isolated and sporadic operations found in a few localities.

A. Green Mussel (Tahong)
The tropical green mussel Perna viridis occurs typically in estuarine or coastal waters that are rich in plankton, warm (26 to 32 degrees Celsius) and of high salinity (27 to 33 ppt) (Hickman 1989).It is a large mussel, 80-100mm in length, occasionally reaching 165mm (Rajagopal and others 2005). Mussels can tolerate short periods of exposure to extreme temperatures and salinity, and to high turbidity of suspended sediments. They require a firm substrate for larval settlement and for subsequent byssal attachment throughout their juvenile and adult life (Hickman 1989). A.1. Biology

The life cycle of the green mussel starts with external fertilization. Trocophore (immature mussel larva) hatches from fertilized eggs and after 30 days will grow into veliger (mature mussel larva). Metamorphosis of mature larva to juvenile mussel will take place. It will...
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