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The Last Day is the day on which Allah will resurrect all creatures after their death, and He will raise them from their graves to hold them accountable for their deeds which they did in this world. Allah created man and enabled him to live on earth in order to worship Him and perform the deeds that please Allah, and which will benefit him as well as all mankind. Man may perform some good deeds and some bad ones. That is why on the Last Day, the Creator will issue Judgments on His slaves. He will reward the pious for their good deeds, punish the sinners and the oppressors for their sins, and Allah will get back the right of the oppressed from his oppressors and will give it back to him. | * THE NAMES OF THE LAST DAY |

The Last Day has several names:|
1.The Day of Judgment, 2. The Day of Resurrection and 3. The Day of Sorting out (the people of Paradise from the people destined for Hell), and 4. The Day of reckoning. It is also called the Hour, | | The Overwhelming, and the Striking Hour in addition to other names mentioned in the Quran. | * ITS TIME |

Absolutely no creature knows the time of the Last Day. It is only Allah Alone Who knows it. He did not reveal it to the people so that they get ready for it at anytime. The Quran states that the Last Day will come suddenly while people are unaware of its occurrence. | Allah Says (what means):{Do they then await (anything) other than the Hour, that it should come upon them suddenly?} [Quran 47: 18] | | The Last Day starts when Allah orders one of the angels to blow the Trumpet for the first time. Upon this, the earth will quake, the heavens will split asunder, the stars will scatter, the mountains will vanish, and all the people will die. Allah Says (what means): | {And the Trumpet will be blown, and all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth will swoon away, except him whom Allah wills.} [Quran 39: 68] | | Then Allah will order the angel to blow a second time and the dead will be resurrected. They will be raised from their graves and they will be alive just like they were in this world. This is the resurrection. Allah Says (what means): {Then it will be blown a second time and behold, they will be standing, looking on (waiting).} [Quran 39: 68] Thus, all people will be awakened from their graves and because of their vast number, they will appear just like locusts spread around everywhere. | THE PHASES OF THE DAY OF JUDGMENT: |

THE HOUR When Allah, the Almighty, Wills that this world will come to an end and the Hour will be established, the system of the whole universe will be upside down and all creatures will die; The only One Who will remain alive is Allah The Ever Living.THE RESURRECTION Then, Allah will resurrect all the creatures and give them life again. THE GATHERING Then Allah will gather all mankind who will stand before their Lord waiting for their reckoning. In this situation, people will be extremely distressed and will face many difficulties and hardships. The sun will draw near to them and the weather will be extremely hot. They will wait for a very long time expecting the time of reckoning. THE RECKONING: Allah will judge people for what they did in this world. The records of deeds will be flying here and there. Every person will receive the record of his/her deeds in which the angels wrote down his deeds during his lifetime. | On one hand a believer will receive his record of deeds with his right hand. He will be extremely happy and he will show it to his family and friends. | | On the other hand, a disbeliever will receive his record of deeds with his left hand, behind his back. He will regret the evil deeds he had committed during his lifetime, and will wish that he had never been resurrected after death and made to face this humiliating situation. If he tries to deny any evil deed, his tongue, hands, and feet will testify against him. Allah Says (what means): {On the Day when...
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