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The consequences of Divorce on its Children
Final Draft
Jordan Melo
Integration into Social Sciences
Emmanuelle Carle
May 20, 2010
John Abbott College

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Literature Review5

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People often believe that divorce always has a negative impact on the family. For this study, we looked at the consequences of divorce on adolescents and focused on certain factors of their lives before and after the divorce concerning their school grades, friendships and also romantic relationships. We collected all the data by passing out surveys and conducting two interviews at John Abbott College using only students from 17 to 20 years of age. In the end, we concluded that our hypothesis, divorce affecting adolescents in school, friendships and also romantic relationships, must be rejected. The majority of the students didn’t have any changes caused by the divorce but what we found was that both males and females adolescents did experienced sadness. For future studies, we were considering observing the parents in relation with their child after divorce and detect if there were any changes conserving love for one another as a family.

For this research the topic at hand will be most definitely an interesting one. The topic is divorce and its effect on the adolescents. We will be exploring the minds of the adolescents trying to establish if divorce has an impact on the children involved. The problem with divorce is that it has a negative effect on the society. In the past years, divorce rates have increase immensely due to the fact that the newer generation are seeing divorce as an acceptable action.

This topic has been researched before by other researchers and many of which have their own theses and results such as children whose parents are divorce when they are younger don’t have an effect on their lives due to their maturation and agreeing with the decision made by their parents to divorce. The reasons why we’re doing the same topic that is so popular with experts is due to the fact that we will be bringing a new perspective to this research. The factor that we’re bringing to the table is that we will be looking solely at the adolescent’s point of view and if actually there are any changes that occurred to them in school, friends and love relationships. We find that this new factor will be interesting, to finally solve the mystery once and for all.

Our objectives for this research are to find out if divorce has an impact on the adolescents of the family. Other objectives are if their personal life, including their friends, their school work and finally their love life, are affected. Our research question is: is it true that adolescents that come from divorced families are more likely to be effected in their friendships, academic success and romantic relationships? Our hypothesis to this question is that yes the adolescents of divorced families will have more trouble keeping friendships constant, also academic success and romantic relationships will be more difficult to handle. This subject of divorce and its effect on the adolescents is a common theme in studies by Ahrons & Tanner, Amato, Kelly & Emery, Spruijt & Ledema, Forehand et al., Kapinus, Scott and finally Buchanan et al. The message which the authors seem to convey is that while divorce does have a strong impact on the adolescents involved, there remains uncertainty as to whether this effect is a negative one. Sprujit & Ledema’s (1998), Amato’s (2000) and Forehand’s et al. (1994) researches touch upon similar subjects. These authors note that divorce can have a strong impact on adolescents, but that the actions and responses of their parents can provide the children with an easier transition. The subject is introduced by Forehand et al. by stating...

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