Research Article Critique Essay

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Running head: Research Article Critique Essay

Research Article Critique Essay
Sandy Maalouf
University of San Francisco

Running head: Research Article Critique Essay

Pain is considered chronic when it is continuous or recurrent and lasts more than three months. Chronic pain has a negative impact on an individual's quality of life, affecting sleep, diet, relationships, ability to work, and functionality, among other aspects of daily life.
Chronic pain management programs have been developed to enable relief for pain, to improve patient functionality, reduce depressive symptoms, and improve the quality of life of individuals with chronic pain. (Chou, Loeser, Owens, Rosenquist, Atlas, Baisden, 2009). The Chronic Pain
Management Program had a psychoeducational approach with a cognitive­behavioral focus. This intervention's objectives were to reduce pain intensity, pain­related disability and depressive symptoms in patients with chronic pain (McGillian, Watt­Watson, Stevens, LeFort, Coyte,
Graham, 2008). Moreover, the goal for chronic pain is not to cure, but to enhance functional status, minimize distressing symptoms, prolong life through secondary prevention and enhance quality of life (

Substantive Value
How does the study make an important contribution to improving nursing care?
The article “Randomized Controlled Trial of a Psychoeducation Program for the
Self­Management of Chronic Cardiac Pain” (2008) contributed to improving nursing care by addressing the issue of self­management which is the first step in a person’s journey to relieving pain. Because severe pain strongly influences virtually all aspects of a person’s quality of life, and because treatment often is insufficient and involves several specialties and professions, the burden of controlling pain falls most heavily on people in pain and their families. In

Running head: Research Article Critique

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