Research Argumentative Paper

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Pages: 4 (1005 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Anna Kate Dickson
ENG 12394-D
Research Argumentative Paper
1 April 2015
Sacrifice For the Good of Mankind
The use of animals in medical and scientific research has long been a controversial subject among the public. Some groups and organizations claim that animal testing is cruel and provides little insight to the effects of treatments on humans. However, researchers claim that animal testing can provide critical data that leads to the improvement of disease treatment in humans. Animal testing should be allowed because any means used to advance treatment of human diseases should be available to medical researchers.

Many medical advancements have been made possible due to animal research. According to Americans for Medical Progress, animal research played a vital role in the development of Herceptin and Tamoxifen, which are two medicines that saved countless lives from breast cancer. The Americans for Medical Progress also states the discovery that a collective protein caused leukemia in mice led to the innovation of the first drug that molecularly targeted cancer. Animal testing has also led to the discoveries of drugs that can treat HIV, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, and seizure disorders. Despite protest from those who believe this believe the experimentation is unfair for the animals, the fact that these experiments have improved the quality and length of life is incontestable.

Animal testing is often viewed as “unethical” or “cruel.” However, certain laws have been enacted to protect the rights of animals used in experimentation. Richard L. Crawford explains that these laws include the Animal Welfare Act, which is stated under the Regulations and Standards in the Code of Regulations. Crawford also states in his article, “the act ensures that animals being used for research .must be cared for in humane conditions by a licensed veterinarian… and in accordance with currently accepted professional practice for a particular circumstance or...
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