Report on Products and Service Offered by Popular Life Insurance Co

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Letter of transmittal

8th August 2009
Md. Mahmudul Huq
Department of Business Administration
ASA University, Bangladesh

Sub: Report on product and services offered by “Popular Life Insurance Co. ltd” .

Dear Sir,
It is my honor to draw your kind attention to the following fact that we are pleased to submit the Report on” product and services offered by Popular Life insurance company ltd”.which is prepared on the dynamic leadership and supervision of a person like you. In completing this Report we tried our best to blend all our knowledge and in imparting every available details of the data frequency of the Report.

So, it will be kind enough if you accept this Report for your kind evaluation and oblige thereby.

Sincerely yours,

Md. Rayhanul arefin 073-12-0154
Khaled Mahmudul Hasan 073-12-0148
Saiful Ahsan 073-12-0138
Jubiar Hassan 073-12-0130
Golam Mustafa 073-12-0147


Thank to Almighty Allah for being able to complete the assignment “Popular Life Insurance Co” on the time and giving me a positive energy when I was collecting information for this assignment.

Thanks also to our Teacher Md. Mahmudul Huq. Because by this assignment work I have got many knowledge that was not in my information house.

Finally I want to thank to may all friends who help me.

Executive summary

We are going to make an assignment on popular life insurance co. ltd. This assignment encloses an overview of popular life insurance co. ltd where we demonstrate the polices, mission, vision of the company and claims payment. Popular life insurance co. ltd root mission and vision is to become the leading insurance company of Bangladesh. The company has a good progress in their premium and claim payment. We also show the companies performance by the diagram. Popular life insurance only works with life insurance. So, in our report we only discus about life insurance. We also show the companies performance by the diagram. The popular life insurance company offers their client more than 40 products and services. Among them the fire, marine, motor, engineering are the main products and services of popular life insurance company. The SWOT analysis exposes the company’s strength, weakness, opportunity, threats. The term paper also contains some findings and recommendations which show the company’s strategy.

Table of content

Objective of report 01
Methodology 01
Company Profile 02
Vision 02
Mission 02
Goal 02
Asset of popular life Insurance co. Ltd.03
Claims of popular life insurance co. Ltd.03
Asset and Investment of popular life insurance co. Ltd. 03
Islamic endowment plan (Hajj Bima) with profits (Takaful) 04 Three payment endowment assurance plan with profit 04-05
Four payment endowment assurance plan with profit.05
Five payment endowment assurance plan-with profit 05-06
Endowment assurance plan-with profit 06
Assurance-companion and medical benefit plan with profit 06 Al Baraka Islamic DPS Plan 06-07
SWOT Analysis 07
Recommendation 08
Conclusion 08
Reference 09



Popular Life Insurance Co. Ltd is the renowned life insurance company in Bangladesh established in 1986. This organization is famous for its Islamic Shoriah based insurance as well as for the other type of insurance. They start their Islamic Shoriah based insurance “Al Barakah Islami Insurance” at 2004 in Bangladesh. They provide various types of insurance policy to its customers and most of the policy is very useful to them. 1.1.Objective of this report: -

The basis objective of this study is to know a company communication method. The other objectives are following:-

1.Be on familiar with the financial highlights of this Popular Life insurance company. 2.Dispose information...
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