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Domino’s and ebay
Gaining a slice of the online auction house

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Executive Summary
Analysis of the current Dominos ecommerce and marketing strategy from an external standpoint identified missed opportunities and prospective areas for improvement relating to their ecommerce structure. Specifically it was identified that Dominos had the potential to leverage the established business structures of eBay and utilise them with speed and efficiency to create an innovative solution to fill a gap in the market place.
Utilisation of an eBay store would grant Dominos first mover advantage in an extremely competitive industry with high buyer power that is heavily dominated by discounting offers. This innovation can target not only existing customers but also actively engage in the pursuit of a new customer base. In a marketplace dominated by traditional bricks and mortar business structures the online store allows Dominos to market to a wider consumer base and generate a point of difference.
With comparatively low overall financial outlay, a successfully established online business that customers are directed towards and the ability to harness the proven business structures of eBay, the Dominos eBay Store is capable of meeting the market in rapid succession following approval.

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The purpose of this report is to present and critique the potential of Domino’s pizza establishing an eBay store in order to increase overall customer awareness of brand and generate income.
An assumption is made that eBay would be conducive to a partnership of this nature and that non-monetary vouchers for foodstuffs does not breach the limitations of eBay listing guidelines. Without direct access to Dominos marketing strategy and brand research conducted by the Dominos group the report is limited to review of strategy and business operations from an external perspective.
It is identified that the

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