Religion in the C'bean

Topics: Religion, Islam, Caribbean Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: January 5, 2014
This unit will examine the many different religions in the Caribbean, as well as Rastafarianism, which most rastafarians view as a way of life. Christianity, Afro-Caribbean religions such as Shango and Orisha, Hinduism and Islam will all be examined within the context of the Caribbean region. Their impact on the culture and history of the region as well as how they affect the lives of Caribbean people will form the bases of the discussion.

This unit is divided into four sessions:
Session 3.1:Historical development of religion in the Caribbean Session 3.2:Perspectives on religion
Session 3.3:Religious groups in the Caribbean
Session 3.4:Rastafarianism

Unit Objectives
At the end of this unit you should be able to:
1.Discuss how the dominant religions came into the Caribbean 2.Explain the emergence of Afro-Caribbean religions
3.Discuss areas of commonality among the various religions in the region 4.Describe the role and impact of religion on Caribbean society

Your readings for this unit are:

Session 3.1: Historical Development of Religion in the Caribbean

Religion is intimately bound up with the history of Caribbean civilization. The neo-Indians practiced their religions in the region before the arrival of the Europeans with Catholicism and other Eurocentric Christian forms of worship. The Africans, before and after the arrival of the Europeans, also practiced their many religions. The existence and symbolic worship of a deity or deities was common to all religions that impacted the Caribbean region. While the deities, symbols, rites and rituals may vary from one religion to the next, they were always present in the theology practiced by the adherents.

Religion in the region did not escape the influence of colonization, slavery, indentureship and politics. It featured in each identifiable era in our history. The shape of religion in the region reflects an ethos that is...
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