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REL 112
Rev. Ronald Daye

Week Three Questions 1-5
1.What is the significance of the so –called “we passages” in the second part of Acts? The most significance features of Acts are the parts of it that were written in the first-person. These are the so called "we passages." On the face of them, the author seems to be claiming to have been a part of the story. In other words, the author of Acts appears to be claiming to have been at times a companion of Paul.

2.In what ways does the designation “disputed or undisputed”, affect how one reads the New Testament letters? Does “authenticity” affect the importance power of these texts as “scripture” in the Christian faith? Does the designation affect the role of certain texts as historical evidence in the historian’ task?

Some ways disputed or undisputed how someone reads the New Testament letters are they cannot be proven to us, you have to only believe. The authenticity affect of the scriptures makes you wonder did someone really write the letters and could they be true to what has been written by the authors of the letters. Yes, the designation can affect the roles of texts from historian’s point of view.

3.How do scholars proceed with reconstructing the conversational exchange between Paul and the churches in Corinth? What is the role of Chloe’s people? How do letters play a part? How do we know (what is the evidence for these letters and their exchange)?

Scholars have worked out various chronologies for Paul’s life but generally agree on a sequence of events that are dated in a span of a few years apart. Chloe’s people sought out Paul to let him know the problems in Corinth. The messages from Chloe’s people prompted Paul to write the letters and ask for unity between them.

4.What is the “New Perspective on Paul?” What is the “old” perspective on Paul (that emerged from the Reformation)? How does each perspective read or...
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