Religion 134

Topics: Religion, Faith, Judaism Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: December 17, 2012
REL 134

Questions to Consider for your Interview (Due Week Five)
Religion 134

a.How your beliefs make up a religious belief system. Foundation for the faith b.How you acquired your religious belief system. Through some experience’s in life. Raised in different homes foster child, had different exposures to various religions and believe the most from the Jewish faith that thought was the biological religion. Learned the faith to learn about biological heritage. c.The benefits and disadvantages of having your particular belief system. Disadvantages are not the traditional beliefs of society, so is kinda in the closet regarding religion. Because it in the closet it private to believe and study and don’t have to explain self to society, the private aspect makes it more real to him to practice his faith. Positive in the Jewish religion there is less bigotry with the Jewish faith then other Christians they seem to be more true to what they are doing and how they live their live, they seem more genuine in their beliefs and lifestyles. d.The role of tradition in your religious belief system. Lite the menorah (candle thing) Hanukkah 8 days Pray and meditate and give thanks during the 8 days. e.The role of tradition in religion in general. Moral compass to remind self to behave f.Why it is important to be knowledgeable about other people’s beliefs and attitudes towards religion. Do not judge them, Does not tell people what they are or are not, believes that that it is very important not to judge and thinks it’s wrong for others. Lives by guidelines to be a good person in the eyes of god g.Ask the 6 questions a World view must answer (see the first lecture). Be sure to include these in your interview! h.What are the symbols of your belief system? Star of David, i.Where did they come from?

j.How is your life different as a result of your belief system? Belief of Judaism and practice and stay to oneself and makes him...
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