Relationship between Sports and Alcohol Sponsorships

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BADM 481 Promotional Management
Summary Critique 3

Title and Author: “When does alcohol sponsorship of sport become sports sponsorship of alcohol? A case study of developments in sport in Australia” by Sandra C. Jones. Publication and Date of Publication: International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship April 2010 Main Points of the Article:

The article reviews a case study done in Australia that tries to examine the relationship between sport and alcohol sponsorships. Alcohol and sponsorships have been associated with sporting events for many years in most countries. Some would even say it would be “unusual to view a sporting event without seeing some form of event signage or a commercial for an alcohol brand.” The article explains how this could be problematic for young people. A study of national, regional, and club-level sports sponsorships in New Zealand found that sports popular among young people were dominantly sponsored by alcohol, especially rugby. The article states that this is there is “clear evidence that alcohol sponsorship is a key contributor” to underage drinking. Some view alcohols sponsorships of sports allow the alcohol companies to avoid the usual restrictions of daytime advertising. Despite this evidence there is still an increasing level of alcohol sponsorship of sport in Australia. One argument for this is that there is difficulty in getting other sponsors, a strong reason for this is that tobacco sponsorship has been banned. Another argument is where the sponsorship dollars are going, there are many community clubs that are being supported by the sponsorships of alcohol.

The relationship between alcohol sponsorship and sport hit a new level in Australia, on September 2006, with the Fourex Gold Beach Cricket campaign. What made this promotion unique was that the cricket (popular sport in Australia) tournament was a promotion for the Fourex Gold beer. This was the first time a sport was...
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