Relate the Short Story to Any of Your Personal Experiences?

Topics: Astral projection, Mind, Astral plane Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: July 3, 2013
I’m writing this article because I get a fair share of e-mails from people asking about winning the lottery via subtle realm methods, i.e., astral projection. I personally have used astral projection to see the daily lottery so I know it’s possible. As for if you are for or against it, that’s no concern of mine. I don’t judge why a person wants it for that’s none of my business. I believe our universe is abundant and poverty is a man-made state. What you do with your money is also your business. I save my judgments for myself only. This ability isn’t also just reserved for astral projectors. I personally know of three other women who have seen via dreams 5 of the 6 numbers who played them and won. I think women have a slightly easier time of it due to social programming but we are all of the same make-up ultimately so it’s doable by any sex. Over and over I tell people that all the human shell (body) is, is a filter. All knowledge is “out there” and we only pick up bits of it because of our filter. Lessen the density of the filter and you’ll receive more data. It’s as easy as that. Leave your body and you’ve taken a huge leap towards removing the filter but even the astral is a filter, though a much finer one than the physical. So you can help get through this filter either through astral projection (often these APs are disguised as dreams), hypnosis, remote viewing or really getting connected to the higher self. It’s similar to the three B’s of inspiration or insight (bed, bath, bus). The ego has to be set aside, the mind is quiet and receptive, and the data is then allowed to pass through. There are other things we can do to lessen our density; think very high thoughts (love resonates the highest), eat no meat, refrain from things like drinking too much, smoking and other things that clog up the chakras and ultimately the aura. When I fast for awhile, I feel as light as a feather and I pick up a much broader frequency range of psychic data. If you want to win...
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