Reflective Statement

Topics: Management, Target market, Marketing Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: November 7, 2011
As an individual there were many things that I have found out about myself through learning in the process of working on the Business Plan. One of the strengths that I have found out about myself is that I found myself capable of carrying out more than one task at the same time. Also while I was doing my research on market analysis I found out that most of the information needed is available on the internet which made it easier for me to write my report. I have also found out that I tend to work better in a group because when i working in a group I know what tasks i need to complete and also be able to discuss them with other group members to find out whether my work is up to standards or not. However, I did find it quite difficult to communicate with other group members because when we had our discussions I found it very hard to put my point of view across to the other group members.

As a group we think that we have all learned to listen and manage our time effectively without having any problems with meetings and arranging them. Also it was very easy to come up with a business idea because everyone was giving at least one or two ideas on what it should be. We have also learned that as a group everyone should complete a task that they have experience in or have an idea of it is about so that we can all give one strong report at the end rather than choosing tasks based on quantity. However, we did find it difficult to have discussions because when one person gave their point of view other group members did not agree and when asked to give their point of view they responded with nothing which was very irritating to everyone. But at the end everyone managed to pull it together and complete the work in their own time.

If i had the chance to do the work again I think that I would choose other group members as it was very difficult to put my point of view across because some people did not agree with my point of view. Also most of the time other group members...
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