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Topics: Homosexuality, Human rights, Sexual orientation Pages: 7 (2360 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Lecture 3
1. Did you learn anything in the session or reading material that surprised, impressed, or shocked you? If so what? And why did it have that effect on you? During the lecture, Sam introduced the origin of homosexuality. According to two British researchers, Wilson and Rahman, genetic factor is also a determinant of sexual orientation. I was quite surprised because I used to think that the homosexuality was mainly the result of the environmental factor. For example, some girls were born in a single parent family and the lack of a father makes them feel very protective of their family members. Then, they would take up the role of male and become the support of the family. I always wondered why they had to choose to be a gay/lesbian, who has to go through many difficult times as a result of discrimination by the “normal people”. I thought the homosexual had a choice to decide who they are. Indeed, I was wrong. I did not realize till I saw the research that some of them were born to be a homosexual. It is not up to them whether they could live an easier life. So, I just learnt that they are just being who they are and it is not their fault to be who they were born to be. I was so shocked by the behaviors of some homophobia. Isolation and teasing are common to the homosexual people. But I never realize that their life is under threat too. I feel sorry for them when I know that some of the minority were executed because of their sexual orientation.

2. How did you respond (as an individual) to Sarah? How are her lived experiences different from yours? Do you think of her sexual orientation as normal or abnormal? ..acceptable or unacceptable? ..different or deviant? ..healthy or sick? Do you believe she is living out a life choice? Be prepared to explain your views Personally I have no special feeling for lesbians because I think there isn’t really a huge difference between us except that they prefer their partner to be a girl but I like guys more. It is similar to the various tastes of different people. Some of them may prefer Japanese cuisine, some other may like Thai more while others may want fast food. Although Sarah has a sexual orientation different from mine, I feel that is absolutely normal. Like I said, it is just a matter of preference. Indeed, for most of the people, the behaviors of the majority means normal behavior and the rest are regarded as abnormal, which also implies ill deep inside “normal” people’s mind. Personal judgement is involved. Many people find homosexuality abnormal and unacceptable because their behaviors and sexual orientation are different from the “normal”. I reckon that so long as the homosexuals are ok with themselves and they do not harm the others, we should not say anything about their personal choice. Why is there such a huge gap of the responses of people towards the choice of the type of food and gay/lesbian’s sexual orientation? It is because those people, in particular typical Chinese, think that the homosexual affects the core value of a family, which is the next generation as they cannot reproduce. So, homosexuality is usually suppressed to allow the extension of families. But then, more and more heterosexuals are choosing not to have babies. Even for homosexual couples, they can extend the family by adopting child. Basically, the collapse of a family should not be an excuse to deter them from staying with someone they love.

People need to open up their mind towards variances. Homosexuality is a fact that they cannot deny. It has already existed for a very long period of time, even back in 237AD in the imperial China. May they destroy the flowers and yet they cannot stop the spring. We should accept it to promote harmony in society. After all, homosexual also contribute to society like we “normal people” do and we should respect them like the way we respect the others.

Lecture 4

What can a government do to recognize sexual health as a basic human right?
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