Reflective Account 4

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Reflective Account 4
F0KA 34 Health Care: Practice Experience

Reflective account 4

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Related learning Outcome:

Learning Outcome 1, Knowledge and Skills –
1.b recognising and acknowledge limitations of own abilities
2.a committing to the principle that the primary purpose of the professional health care practitioner is to protect and serve society
2.b accepting responsibility for one’s own actions
3.a demonstrating respect for patient/client confidentiality
4.b demonstrating behaviours that conform with the Health and Safety legislation, including manual handling
5.a respect of colleagues

Learning Outcome 2, Knowledge and Skills –
1.b utilising appropriate communications skills with individual patient/clients
2.a contributing to measures to ensure the privacy and dignity of the individual patient/client
2.b understanding the importance of patient/client empowerment and the need of the care worker to operate as an advocate for the individual patient/client in certain situations
3.b recognising the needs of individual patient/clients whose lives are affected by disability, however manifest

Learning Outcome 3, Knowledge and Skills –
3.a maintaining dignity
3.b privacy and confidentiality
3.e safety and health, including moving and handling and infection control; essential first aid and emergency procedures
3.g emotional, physical and personal care including meeting the need for comfort, nutrition and personal hygiene
4.b providing for a supervising registered practitioner, evaluative commentary and information on the care provided based on personal observations and actions
5.b accurately record observations made and communicate these to the relevant members of the health and social care teams

Learning Outcome 4, Knowledge and Skills –
1.a Understand and act on health and safety principles, policies and procedures
1.d record individual patient/client information as narrative, numerical data and charts

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