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My original purpose for beginning this education was to achieve a master’s degree. I had no thought process put into the idea except simply achieving the degree. As time progressed into my first semester my competitive nature kicked into gear. I did not just want to achieve a degree and slide by the next two years I wanted to excel. I had found my drive again and I wanted to soak up everything I possibly could about technology. A considerable amount of time and effort needed to be put forth and I made up my mind to achieve this goal I set for myself. This experience has brought about some exciting and phenomenal advancement in my career, as a media specialist and educator. I have always loved computers and have always found them rather fascinating. I originally decided to major in computer information systems when I began my college career. How I was ever deterred from a CIS major still puzzles me. I ended up majoring in health and physical education with an emphasis in exercise science. I have been an athlete my whole life and the aspect of exercise science is my second passion. I quickly realized that with this master’s degree I could merge my two passions into one love. This is a broad enough master’s degree that I could use in the clinical realm of exercise science and with that known my drive for this degree ignited. Upon completion of this master’s degree I feel adequately prepared for any technology challenges I may face in the future. I feel I had the opportunity to gain a generous amount of skills and tools that will allow me to help my teaching staff differentiate instruction, as well as, integrate new technology applications throughout classrooms. I gained a major confidence in my ability to serve teachers, tackle technology challenges, and create solutions to everyday facets of our school curriculum. During these past two years I realize how I have changed and how technology has ever so quickly evolved. I gather plenty of headaches wondering if I will ever be able to keep up or at the least soak up enough information just to stay abreast. This has also made me aware of how our teachers are lacking in their technology skills in the classroom. I chose to step up my game and make some changes and the more I learned with this major the more excited I became in my job. I wanted to share all my knowledge I was acquiring with my teachers. I chose various assignments to be my artifact four in my portfolio. These assignments are from ITED 7400 class that I took during Fall semester 2009 with Amanda J. King. I loved this class and it was so much fun to be a part of. I used the Domain of Development with every project that I created in this class. I introduced screen capture to my teachers because I knew they could use this tool with creating their school webpages for their students. They would be able to easily create tutorials or easily display problem examples for their students on their webpages. I introduced the Picassa application to teachers for the ease of having a web-based picture editor. The computer configuration and cord connections lesson helped me set up a short tutorial for teachers on how to hook up their computers and the identification of cords. I posted this to our school website for ease of access and a quick refresher incase our tech specialist was not able to reach them on a short notice. I was assigned by my principal to randomly videotape teachers and to help me be more organized I designed a video check sheet. I also put a copy of this sheet in the teacher’s box when completed. The artifacts in ITED 7100 class taught me a lot about myself. It made me turn inward and reflect on short and long term goals that I wanted to achieve. Why I wanted to achieve these set goals and what it was going to take to be successful? This reflection set me up for my next step towards success. I made a plan of action and I developed my mind set without ever looking back. These...
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