Reflection on Action

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Reflection on action
Reflection now a days is very important in health practises as it allows the practitioners to gain understandings from their professional and personal experiences .It has proven to be an essential utensil for development in their area. Reflection is seen as an influential resource of seeing accustomed events as fresh and inspiring. It is a way for critical thinking and learning. Thinkers have warned of the dangers of a life spent without reflection, but what creates reflective inquiry - and why it's necessary in our lives ?( Nona Lyons, 2010).Reflection on action signifies the information one gathers through personal or professional experiences and converting them into knowledge to use it in their practical experiences, which enhance their skills. Likewise there is a part of us that is known to others and not to us which is an important aspect of reflection, where they give feedbacks of our practice and suggestions for improvement. Reflection discusses the urgency for skillful support, high quality mentoring and the necessity for good support networks. The reflective diary I have made is not alike other related works. I have done this essay on the model outlines by Gibbs (Gibbs model of reflection-1988).It is applied here in order to enable serious thoughts and relating the theories to my practices I had got. I have tried to discuss my reflection skills and recognize my capability to reveal what I have gained for personal and professional improvement. Understanding of facts frequently arises from practices. So it is essential to permit the experiences to occur first and reflect upon them. Description

This essay is aiming to address an incident happened early in my professional life. In the first stage of Gibbs model of reflection the descriptions of events happens. It was the time when I was working as staff nurse in Cochin hospital in my home country, India. I was working in the ICU ,CCU and NICU at that time....
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