Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 Installation Guide

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Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 5.3
Installation Guide

Installing from DVD/CD-ROM

To install Red Hat Enterprise Linux from a DVD/CD-ROM, place the DVD or CD #1 in your DVD/CDROM drive and boot your system from the DVD/CD-ROM.

The installation program then probes your system and attempts to identify your CD-ROM drive. It starts by looking for an IDE (also known as an ATAPI) CD-ROM drive.

If the DVD/CD-ROM drive is found and the driver loaded, the installer will present you with the option to perform a media check on the DVD/CD-ROM. This will take some time, and you may opt to skip over this step. However, if you later encounter problems with the installer, you should reboot and perform the media check before calling for support. From the media check dialog, continue to the next stage of the installation process

Welcome to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
The Welcome screen does not prompt you for any input. From this screen you can access the Release Notes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 by clicking on the Release Notes button
Click on the Next button to continue.

Language Selection
Using your mouse, select a language to use for the installation (refer to Figure 4.8, “Language Selection”).
The language you select here will become the default language for the operating system once it is installed. Selecting the appropriate language also helps target your time zone configuration later in the installation. The installation program tries to define the appropriate time zone based on what you specify on this screen.

Once you select the appropriate language, click Next to continue.

Keyboard Configuration
Using your mouse, select the correct layout type (for example, U.S. English) for the keyboard you would prefer to use for the installation and as the system default (refer to the figure below). Once you have made your selection, click Next to continue.


To change your keyboard layout type after you have completed the installation, use...
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