Red Dawn

Topics: Soviet Union, World War II, Cold War Pages: 3 (1270 words) Published: February 5, 2012
Red Dawn
This film depicts on how a group of young men, lead by Jed Eckert along with his brother matt Eckert and two young women; they find themselves fighting against the Russians, Cubans and Nicaraguan paratroopers that have taken over their small town of Calumet, Colorado. The film basically covers the backdrop of world war III in a smaller scale, where a group known as the wolverines, named after their high school football team, stands low for a few months in the mountains where they are forced to live as outsiders and depend on wild animals to survive. Without any means of communication with the outside population they are unaware of the rules and regulations that have been placed by the invaders; they have raided many of the homes finding out who possessed a threat to them, or believed to own any type of weapon that they could use against them and isolating them into a re-education camp away from their family members. The wolverines begin to rely on each other through their struggle and begin tactics to stop the soviets from executing anymore civilians to try and discourage the wolverines from any further attempts of attacking them. These attempts are failed when they decide a new strategy to directly hunt the wolverines down; When one of the wolverines named Daryl wanders into town and is discovered he is then captured and threatened by the enemy to torture his family if he did not help them track down the rest of the wolverines, he is later discovered during an attempt to eliminate them by the foes, and is executed by his own for the betrayal. They are later attacked by the guerillas in a surprise air attack eliminating most of the group, Jed and Matt would go and directly attack the soviets as a diversion while the remanding two go in search of the free America across the mountains.

In this film you see many significant scenes where the director makes uses coincidences in what is happening. In the opening scene the teacher is lecturing about...
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