Red Cross Donation Mismanagement

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, American Red Cross, 2010 Haiti earthquake Pages: 3 (1181 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Mandeep Singh
Dr.Leah Richards
ENG 101
American Red Cross Donation Mismanagement Government aid and assistance has been very helpful to all people when they need but not this time in New York. Last month Super Storm Sandy hit the north east USA which caused some serious damage. All Americans had donated tons of money to big agencies so it could be helpful for the victims. Red Cross raised billions of dollars whether it was during Sandy, Katrina, Haiti and 9/11. However, Red Cross did spend some amount of money in helping and provided the food service. The question that revolves around the brain is after raising huge amount then where has all the money gone? Red Cross is world known agency but why they always have some sort of error in their finance accountability? Now I’m not saying that Red Cross is steals money but why don’t they just provide accurate accountability? People want to know where there donated money is being used. Red Cross has been providing many major relief everywhere in the world. Their main issue is mismanagement of funds and donation. When it comes to donations Red Cross has been on top in collecting. The money they get from donations they use it for many welfare purposes like distributing food, clothes and sheltering the victims. But only some of the money is spent on all those stuff. Most of the money gets disappeared which they don’t even tell us. They have poor history of accountability. Talking about Hurricane Sandy many major devastated parts like breezy point in Rockaway, Staten Island didn’t receive any major help Red Cross. They were also criticized for their slow and helpless responses in certain areas. Red Cross announces that they raises most money in America than any other agencies but, why were they didn’t provide good help to the victims? They wouldn’t be slow in their response time if they would have spent all money they collected then it would’ve been...

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