Reckless Driving in the Army..

Topics: Automobile, Road safety, Traffic law Pages: 6 (2055 words) Published: September 9, 2011
“Over 40,000 people are killed every year on American roads and highways and many of those deaths are directly attributable to reckless drivers.” (“"). Reckless driving is a very serious driving violation.

In my case I was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I was in a rush to get back to post to get a battle buddy back by a certain time. I was also put in a dangerous situation by the way the vehicles on the highway were driving. Switching lanes with out signaling and driving under the speed limit. After the light on K-18 after the airport, before the hill, there is a merge lane to the right. As I approached the cars on the hill I went to the merge lane and proceeded past the cars.

The way I approached the car and the tactics I used were considered reckless. I picked up speed and passed the cars on the right side. I then re-entered the road when the merge lane ended. By my motion and my movement I scared the other vehicles on the road into not knowing what I was doing or going to do. This caused a chain reaction of the other vehicles to brake hard and move around. This chain reaction could have caused a way worse outcome on the road, due to my reckless driving.

After the situation has happened and the day has moved on I sit back and think of all that really could have happened during that situation. During my movement if my tire had blown out on either side of the vehicle or the front or the back, the car could have caused some major effects to me, my passengers, and the other vehicles around me. Front tire blow out on the left side would have caused the car to head into the traffic and could have cause a big car pileup. In this pile up there were vehicles with families in them in which lives could have been lost. If the right tire blew out I could have ended up on the right shoulder in the dirt and gravel, and or, up in the hill or embankment causing damage to my vehicle and damage to the states property. Once again lives could have been lost. If one of the rear tires had blown out similar results would have still could have occurred. The rear of the car could have caused a spin on the vehicle causing an on coming collision or a few of the other cars to be hit and piled up upon each other and into the side of the hill on either side of the road. Due to my recklessness or carelessness for the road, Lives could have been lost and a lot of money would have been spent to rebuild the damages done.

Many more consequences could have come from that entire situation. If police were around and saw my carelessness for the road I could have been pulled over and arrested, and my car could have been impounded. This would have lead to tickets and court dates, which would lead to days missed from work and a lot of money taken from out of my pocket. I also could have received an article 15 for my actions. 45 days extra duty, money taken away for several months, I would have no freedom and have no fun. I could be restricted to the barracks and could only were my military uniform. I would then also have to use what little money I would have to pay for damages and to try and get my car back to me for use. This would actually be pointless knowing that I can’t go anywhere anyways.

Many lives could have been lost in that situation also. Kids and parents were in that group and because of the reckless driver a parent might not have made it home to their family that night or a child might not have seen another birthday. Families wouldn’t have a vehicle to use to transport them selves any were and would have to spend unnecessary money on taxis or on different modes of transportation. Or have to spend money on medical expenses or have to change their lives due to my negligence. Just the thought of someone losing his or her life to a reckless driver makes me think of how horrible this situation really is. A big form of careless driving is Street Racing with horrific consequences such as...
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