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Topics: Recipe, Cookbook, Idea Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: November 15, 2007
Have you ever thought about creating your own cookbook? Many times people are told they need to create a cookbook with the delicious meals they make. Other’s have great ideas for creating their own cookbook. They search through cookbooks, a light goes off in their heads, and they say, “Hey, I can do that”. Some have recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation and would love to be able to pass it them on to their own children. Yet approximately 99% of these people will never do anything about it.

If you are one of these people, what is stopping you? Most people stop dead in their tracks after the mere thought of creating and publishing their own cookbooks due to common myths that they tell themselves.

Myth # 1. It takes lots of money. The truth is that there are resources available that can show you how to create your own cookbook with little or no money.

Myth #2. It takes a chef or expect cook to create a cookbook. Even the best of chefs had to start somewhere. Most were not experts when they started. Merely having a good idea can begin can develop into more ideas.

Myth #3. It takes too much time. Not true! With the proper tools, resources, and knowing where to find free software, you can create your family heirloom in a couple months.

Myth #4. You have to use your own recipes, and you do not have enough of them. This is also a false assumption. Cookbook authors have learned about copy write laws and know exactly how to rewrite the recipe they have found from someone else. A good example of this is Toll House Cookies. It’s copy written, yet most of the recipes you find on other chocolate chip packages, or in cookbooks are either exactly the same, or they’ve changed one ingredient. They just are not allowed to call their cookie, “Toll House”. So they change the wording to “Grandma’s”, or something else.

Myth #5. You have to find a good agent or some company to publish your book. The truth is more and more people today are...
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