Reality Television

Topics: Television, American Idol, America's Next Top Model Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: March 3, 2010
Reality television has strong influence and damaging effects on our society. But let’s face it, we feed on the drama. We love to absorb another life other than our own. Along with it comes the misconception of reality which distorts how one believes they have to behave to gain fame or attention. Reality television is bad for culture because it only elevates money, beauty, and fame above other qualities by promoting inappropriate behavior such as bullying, casual sex, alcohol abuse and bad language. The media plays a major role in selling this trash in order to increase revenue. Reality tv has a strong impact on our society because it distorts our view of reality. It pollutes our minds with Knowledge, attitudes, values, and behavior that are influenced by exposure to reality television and deemed acceptable by society. Our culture serves up degradation as a form of entertainment. Such shows incorporate inappropriate behavior such as bullying, scheming, and manipulating in order to get ahead or get the guy/girl. This is extremely harmful to children and teens because at this age they are seeking out their personal identities and starting to develop relationships with family, friends, and the opposite sex. They indentify with the media for what’s cool and look up to these public figures for how they should act, dress, talk etc. One example how these shows are negative would be MTVs Parental control, where the parents are unhappy with their child’s current choice of whom in which they’re dating. So, they get to choose who they assume would be a better choice for their child.

While doing so, their current significant watches as they bf/gf go on a dates with their parent’s choices. This usually results in disrespect and bad mouthing to the parents from the current bf/gf. Some of the stuff is appalling that is said and sexually suggested to a teen audience. Not only do these shows encourage inappropriateness it creates drama because drama creates attention that...
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