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Company Profile
The dream of many Kenyan urban dwellers to own houses remain elusive as the population grows there is increasing need for both the government and the private sector to facilitate house ownership for all classes of the population in order to provide long term security and the sentimental value that is drawn from owner ship of real estate.

In order to meet the need of those who are in dare need of shelter turn around mentors limited was started by a team of committed Kenyans investors in order to lead people of all classes toward acquiring shelter and managing effectively.

Garissa Realtors and Property Management ltd has facilitated the acquisition of real estate to a number of Kenyans and is managing several houses for real estate investors.

With a vision of being a leading institution in the provision of shelter and profession management to all classes of Kenyans, the company’s mode of operation is based on the realization that majority of investors requires integrity, professionalism and word class property management services. We have therefore developed products and systems which enable those in the above bracket to acquire land, develop and effectively manage to enable client achieve value for money invested cum returns on investments within the shortest time possible.

To be the leading real estate property management and development consultant in the Kenya and eventually to East African Community.

To promote property development through offering enviable customer service, realtime land value addition consultancy services and ambience.


Garissa Realtors and Property Management Ltd based at Garissa and Mombasa has an ideal location accessible by both landlord and tenants.


Garissa Realtors and Property Management Ltd started as limited company dully registered and incorporated under companies Act cap 486 laws of Kenya to deal with Estate agency, property management, property development consultancy and valuation consultancy. Garissa Realtors and Property Management ltd is a fully fledged property managers, valuation and development consultants.


1. Property agency
2. Property management
3. Property sales
4. Property development consultancy
5. Property development financing consultancy
7. Home Relocation services


• To give our customers value for their money
• To generate income to support consultancy for our client • To develop and implement project proposal geared toward property development and ownership


The company has specialized in the following products and services: we offer best level customer service, our cost and charges are friendly and affordable.These include: • Property agency/ sale of land

• Property management
• Property development and financing consultancy


The company is involved in managing the properties on behalf of the landlord we offer the following service (landlord‘s haven / feel at home and at peace)

We enforce the delegated power and authority of the landlord to ensure that the covenant between the landlord and the tenant are fully adhered to on his/her behalf as commission agent.

The managing agent does letting of the houses, through advertising on both print and electronic media to ensure full occupancy level are maintained on the property under management.

The managers coordinate to the maintenance and repair on the premises. The managers ensure water and sanitation services are provided to the tenant at all the time. We give consultancy to the landlord on the best property rate reviews practice and notify them on how to take advantage of interested on rate waivers given bylocal authority from time due claim in time as agreed.

We advice and ensure security is provided for.
Note that Garissa Realtors and Property Management ltd given concern and to...
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