Reading Essay: Snowflower and the Secret Fan

Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Jiny Chung
Lisa See‘s Snowflower and the Secret Fan grabbed my attention from the start. BLily the main character of the book, is very much like me and yet, in some ways,very different. Lily has a strong determination to achieve what every Chinese woman should do back in the days before the revolution of China. When she was young she was destined to be the lao tong, “old same” and to share a deep friendship with Snowflower for the rest of their lives. Lily and Snowflower experience many Chinese traditions together. Both Lily and I work very hard to achieve our goal. We both have good old friends we can support, love and share our feelings with. We both have the heart to help those who are related to us. One of the the traditions of China is to marry a man you’ve never met before. When it was Lily’s turn to marry, Snowflower encouraged her by saying, “You are soft in your words but strong in your heart.” (109) Snowflower used those words to calm Lily’s nerves but they describe Lily quite well. From the outside, Lily can look tender because her words are soft but Lily is strong minded. She does not shake as easily as she seems. She will be calm in the situations where most people might panic and she will solve the problems. That is the difference Lily and I have. I am strong willed as well but I don’t think I look tender. Also I cannot concentrate and be calm when I am panicking. When I am about to take tests and quizzes, I get really nervous . If I am stuck on a question, even if it is easy, I can’t solve it because of stress. Although Lily was nervous to meet her new husband and his family, she was calm in her actions . This trait of Lily has helped her to cope with the future problems.

In order to play her part as a woman, Lily went through many challenges that she had to face and overcome. Her feeling and opinions don’t matter when it comes to challenges. Every girl in China who wants to be a respected as a woman and in community must...
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