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1. Chemistry
a. All of our bodies are composed of organic and inorganic matter b. All atomic processes in living things involve either synthesis or breaking down of complex compounds which are purely                       chemical phenomena. c. All living organisms involve flow of energy, transformation of energy, from organic compounds like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc. d. Genetic materials DNA/RNA are formed by chemical compounds. e. Enzymes, hormones and other fluids are mainly chemical compounds. f. Molecules move in and out from a cell through osmosis and diffusion process which are chemical phenomena. 2. Physics

a. The most physiological process in plant i.e. photosynthesis, requires light which is a physical factor. b. Many biological instruments and techniques E.g.: – X-Ray. ECG, Electric Microscope, Ultrasound, MRI, chromatography, etc. which enables study of finer details of cellular and sub-cellular components have physical applications. c. Study and Functioning of Human Eye.

3. Geography
Distribution of plants and animals vary with different geographical factors E.g. climate, altitude, temperature, etc 4. Mathematics and Statistics
    Census of wild animals is based on application of mathematical and statistical applications. Such applications are helpful in data compilation and analysis of living organisms. 5. Sociology
Study of human behavior, social relationship, and antisocial relationship for example criminals and terrorists, etc. requires the study on human nervous system and study of glands, hormones, etc. It also requires the knowledge of principles of inheritance, pedigree analysis, etc.

“The gardener “is the story of a women named Helen Jurrell who is left with an illegitimate son to bring up. Helen Jorrell is living in a country village where she grew up .Once she goes to France saying that she had some health problems and returns with a baby. She explains to her villagers that the is the son of her recently dead brother .Actually it is not her brother child it is her own child. She went to the France not due to her health but because she was having a baby. Being an unmarried women. She told these lies so that she wouldn’t be hated in her society for bearing an illegitimate son. When a child whose name is Michael turns six, Helen tells him that she is his aunt ,he may call her “Mummy” at bedtime. When a boys comes to ten, He is an orphan and fears that his aunt may reject him. But the bond between Helen and Michael grows closer. Michael grows up and wins a scholarship to Oxford University. But when the world war I break’s out he join army. However soon Michael was killed in the war and his body was not found and he is posted “missing” .Later, Helen is officially informed that Michael body is buried in Military Cemetery at Hagenzell. Then she sets out her journey to Hagenzell. On her way Helen meets a women named Mrs.Scarsworth who say’s that she is visiting a cemetery on behalf of her friend. But later she confesses to Helen that she was actually going to her lover grave. Helen’s response to Mrs.Scarsworth confession is surprising .She catches the women’s hand and bows her heart over the hands. Helen was not able to sit for a long time that night. It is because too is living with a tragic secrete for a long time. Next day, Helen goes to the cemetery where she sees a gardener. She asks him where to find out grave of her nephew. Then the gardener says ,”Come with me and I will show you where your son lies”. The gardener knows that Michael is not her nephew but her son in this sense, gardener is non other than God Himself. The story is the moving example of the story on the aftermath of World War .Michael death resembles the death of many innocent young lives in the war .In fact in the story Kipling has depicted his own experience of loosing his only son ‘John’ in the 1st world war .The body of john was lost and was never found during Kipling life time .Kipling died in 1936 and the grave...
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