Reaction Paper - En Campos de Batalla de Dr. Jose Rizal

Topics: Philippines, José Rizal, Philippine Revolution Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: September 8, 2011
“En Campos de Batalla de dr. Jose Rizal.”

If I got it right, this translates to “The Battlefield of Dr. Jose Rizal.”

The story was about the challenges that Dr. Rizal faced while he was fighting for the country. It revolved around his personal struggles, namely his choice between the freedom of the country and his own happiness.

The play started by presenting the adolescent Jose, encouraged by his brother to study abroad for the Filipinos, and distracted with the young love with his cousin Leonor Rivera. And as we all know, Jose sacrificed himself in order to be the informant of the country, to be the instrument of knowledge of the oppressed Filipinos. He became an ilustrado, studying in a foreign land and persuading the Spanish government that the Philippines can be managed by a fair and justified government. And in the way leading to his greatness, he surrendered in his promise of forever love to Leonor, who was married to an English man, but died after the union because of her severe depression.

As history has stated, Dr. Rizal suffered greatly because of the loss of Leonor. He endured the pain by becoming a learned man, ignoring his feelings and working hard for the country. Good thing he met Josephine Bracken while he was in Dapitan, and again experienced love. But then again, in here, he was forced to make a decision between the country and his own happiness, and he chose the Filipinos again, which led to his death and the start of the revolution.

One thing that can be appreciated in the play is the inclusion of the story of Maria Makiling. It was a nice touch, since Jose Rizal was also the author of that story. One can truly appreciate the assumed relationship between the author and the story itself, because the sequence and the way the events were presented are in an outstanding manner.

Another thing that should be given credit for are the lines. They were in very simple from, and can easily be understood by the audience. The...
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