Reaction Paper About Arduino

Pages: 8 (1848 words) Published: August 12, 2014

People in malls, buildings or other public places prefer to choose the elevator or escalator to the stairs. It is very common to find the stairs empty and the elevator or escalators crowded with people.
The following report highlights how music can be used to encourage people to take the stairs. With the creation of an interactive piano the developer hopes to create an immersive and interactive environment for people using the stairs.
Apart from encouraging the use of stair, the interactive piano can serve as a good decoration item by making the place lively with the sound of music and display of lights. It can also be used as an aid to teach music to kids or in therapy sessions.
The report would document the entire process...

This would help to make the entire experience more memorable and fun for the users. Apart from the psychological and emotional benefits it also helps in a range of other ways one of it being encouraging people to use stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. To implement this the primary technology used would be Arduino.
Arduino is a fairly new and unexplored technological concept in Malaysia. It is a rapid electronic prototyping platform composed primarily of the Arduino board and the Arduino IDE. The Arduino is an open source project, which means it is easily available for use and free to utilize for both commercial as well non-commercial projects.
Arduino was chosen as the preferred development tool as it is a great tool in creating interactive objects. It helps to gather inputs from a variety of individual switches or sensors and analyze these data to give an appropriate feedback. In scope of this project, this feedback would refer to the sounds and the LED lights that would be played when a particular key is...

The tangible benefits are those that can be directly seen and/or touched by the users. The intangible benefits on the other hand refer to the benefits that the users feel emotionally upon using the product. The benefits are as listed below:
• Promoting more users to use the stair instead of the escalator by providing a more interactive and attractive scenario
• A means to promote interactive learning among people having learning disorders
• Making the process of learning music fun and interactive
• Trying to reach out to the majority of people with the basic understanding of music
• Providing a healthy lifestyle to users by promoting physical activity by using the stairs
• Providing an escape for people with stressful lifestyles by presenting to them an interactive and immersive environment to indulge in
• Ensuring that users use stairs safely by encouraging them to step on the stairs carefully in order to listen to music or see feedback in the form of light
• Reducing the accidents due to dark stairways by providing light feedback upon stepping on each of the...
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