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In this story by Connie Jan Maraan, the protagonist of the story is a ghost who died when the Tayuman LRT Station suddenly collapsed and the train came falling down on his face. According to him, he has seen Christ because of that incident.

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In Connie Jan Maraan’s story entitled “Ghost”, she applied various symbols to express what happened in the accident, used rhetorical devices to make the story more colourful and depicted the possible events that may happen after death. Maraan is an interesting writer who uses lively descriptions and language in depicting the realities presented in the story. She helps the readers attain a good understanding of the possible beauty in what could otherwise be morbidity in its very notion. Death is presented and tackled in the most acceptable terms like making anything possible because of the absence of feeling.

Analysing the story using Mimetic Approach, we would probably be asking ourselves if it is possible for a dead person to still live in our world, if it is possible for him to remember his life before death. Death is the main idea that the story is presenting. We know that if a man dies, he/she will either go to heaven or hell. But in Maraan’s story the spirit, she presented that if a person dies he/she will be remain in other persons’ heads and will stay as a memory. We can conclude that the story is telling us not to disregard our deceased loved ones, to always let them remain in our hearts and make their memory live with us always.
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