RCII 7 Emotional Skills
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Teacher: Greshenmary Pagan Experience/Activity:
RCII­7 Emotional Skills infants to toddlers
Big Question/Foundational Concept:
How do you feel when your angry or sad?
Social Emotional
Strand D:
Early learning experiences will support children to develop, express,recognize and respond to emotions.
Learning Progression:
Emotional Expression
SE.60.8 Describe emotions and feelings to trusted adults and peers
Materials: multi­cultural colored faces, googly eyes, pencils, crayons, markers, glue, glue stick, string, yarn, felt, play doh, glitter, scissors when I feel Angry, When I Feel Sad By:Cornelia
Maude Spelman
Add feeling charts to each area of the classroom, as well as happy, sad, excited, angry puppets to each area. Add people figurines to water table. Add feeling matching cards to manipulative area. If you’re happy and you know it it will be playing throughout the day. During outside time children will play feeling Simon says­ if you’re happy run to the rainbow wall, if you’re sad run to a friend/teacher and give the a hug
during circle time I would explain to the children that this week we have a new lesson plan call feelings. I will ask the older children what are feelings, and can you name some of them. I would point out to the children that books were added around the room about different types of feelings. To the younger ones I will read them the books and express the meaning by making faces and eye contact. Introduce When I Feel sad, and When I Feel Angry by: Cornelia
Maude Spelman,give children a chance to talk about what makes them sad, happy, or angry by asking open ended questions.
Children will come to the table in groups of two, they will choose which colored paper matches their skin, and staff will then ask each child how they would feel if someones hurt their feelings.

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