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Rascism in Denmark

By AnnieVium May 07, 2013 659 Words
Racism in Denmark
Racism is a term used to describe a form of discrimination or belief. It can be explained as the hatred of one by another, because of known factors. The factors can be anything from skin color, language or the person’s place of birth. Basically it can be hatred due to any factor that makes the person different from one self. It is known that racism has existed for a very long period of time. Racism has for example caused wars and slavery, because of the belief that another person is less human than one self due to these factors. Denmark claims to be a paradise for racial minorities, but is this true? Is this country that we live in, really without racial discrimination? Well it is said that Denmark refuses to incorporate the International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination, but instead wants to maintain freedom to implement with its own version of racial equality. That being said, we can state that Denmark is indeed doing something against racial discrimination, but just in their own way. It has been stated that Denmark is one of the most racial countries. Yes, many Danish people might be racist, but it is mostly silent racism and not hate-crimes, therefore you can state that many other countries are worse. We can for example take a look upon America; there they have the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan is a racist, anti-Semitic movement with a commitment to extreme violence to achieve its goals of racial segregation and white supremacy. Though silent racism can have an effect on people too. It can be harder to get a job for the racial minority, if the job interview is done by a silent racist. But with that being said, it could happen in any country, even though we have silent racism in Denmark, we do also have people who are non-racial. Therefore it cannot be said, that the country is racist, but that a group of the people in the country is racial is a fact. Some may say, it is because the Danish people are more outspoken about their opinions and that for example Americans, have been told it is a big no no, so therefore they hide their racism more for the public eye. It is a fact though, that a work permit for a non Danish citizen can be hard to collect, if the job can be filled with local people. But that is more a security for the government to keep the statistics of workless citizen down and a security for the Danish people to be able to keep their jobs. This cannot be interpreted as a racist act, as the government is just insuring the Danish people on their jobs, as we have just been though a crisis financially. Though this crisis has affected most of the world, it is the government’s job to keep the financials rolling in Denmark and help the Danish citizens. Some might say that racism is getting worse in Denmark, but the government is only trying to keep the country stable and insure the citizens of a stable daily life. In this crisis the country has to get back on its own feet, before it can tribute to help everyone else. Denmark’s main focus is therefore the Danish citizens. Denmark is not a racial country; it has some racial citizens, but cannot be classified as a racist country. Denmark does not have laws that discriminate racially, but a law to insure the country financially. Racism happens all over the world and Denmark cannot be classified as the worst, as many countries have more discrimination. Some countries have it in their past and some in the present. Hate crimes on racial topics rarely happens in Denmark where as it is more common in other countries, such as for example what the Ku Klux Klan do.

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