Rape: Feminism and Camille Paglia

Topics: Feminism, Rape, Camille Paglia Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: October 31, 2006
Rape: A Bigger Danger Than Feminists Know

"Rape: a bigger danger than feminists know", was written by Camille Paglia. She used a comparison-contrast pattern to develop her argument about rape issues. Her purpose for writing this story is to mainly let the women know that they are always in danger by men no matter what, in which case they should be careful with what they do. She does this by comparing the feminist's beliefs with her beliefs. Moreover, she sort of defends the men for being the way they are and blames women for not being careful around them.

Paglia's thesis was, "Rape is an outrage that cannot be tolerated in civilized society. Yet feminism, which has waged a crusade for rape to be taken more seriously, has put young women in danger by hiding the truth about sex from them." (Page 540) Her argument here is that because feminism is hiding the truth about sex from women, it is putting them in a sexual danger.

Paglia is trying to inform women about the dangers of mixed signals and that a women must be careful herself so that confusion for a man does not occur; men will not be able to use confusion as an excuse for a rape and women will generally be more safe if they are careful about who they are with and where they are at.

She points out that it is a woman who is stupid for not using her common sense and isolating herself from her girlfriends to be around men, and on top of that getting drunk and losing control over herself. Likewise, she feels that in cases like these a women shouldn't even blame the men for raping her, instead they should have had known it was meant to happen and in which case should have been cautioned. The real person to be blamed for this situation was the girl and her stupidity.

Paglia feels that feminism does not see what men are really like; they don't see what eroticism is for men and how aggressive they can get. Feminists believe that society will protect women against rape but Paglia feels that it's not...
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