Racism Has Not Been Eradicated in the U.S.a

Topics: Barack Obama, African American, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: July 9, 2013
Racism is and will remain a dark stain on America’s history which many would rather forget. However no African American can completely avoid the legacy of 500 years of oppression and slavery. People tend to argue that racism is no longer a serious issue today. But the truth is, there is still an undercurrent of racism influencing the culture of America. Had that not been the case, why is it that an African American is more likely to be represented as a perpetrator of crime in the news or the media? Not just the news but Why is an African American more likely to be unemployed? Why is an African American more likely to be depicted as violent in movies or suspects in crime stories? Why is it that an African American woman is more likely to be involved in the sex industry? Why is an African American more likely to be assumed guilty and sent to prison for a crime or pulled over and investigated as a suspect as compared to men of any other race in America? Questions, questions, questions…

But then even though these questions plague my mind I tend to realize that The crises of Black people and the disaster of America at that time and even now was not simply caused by men, they were crises of basically flawed economics and politics, and of cultural degradation. No one even with their many promises could have changed that without changing the system by which it operates. If you look at the U.S. history you will see that race and racism is at the heart of U.S. politics. For decades Human rights activist and influential politicians have defied the violence and fought for the Black Liberation Movement. Barack Obama’s presidency owes its existence to that movement; he cleverly and rightly positioned himself as from the generation of African American politicians that emerged from the civil rights and Black Power movements. Martin Luther King Junior arguably, the largest impact of any civil rights leader from his time. In his infamous speech addressed millions saying-...
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