Rabbit Proof Fence

Topics: Rabbit-Proof Fence, Phillip Noyce Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Rabbit-Proof Fence is a film directed by Phillip Noyce. It is about three mixed-race Aboriginal girls who ran away from the Moore River Native Settlement to return to their mothers. The girls walk for nine weeks and 1200 miles of the rabbit-proof fence in Australia to return to Jigalong, their hometown while being tracked down by a hunter and several others under Mr Neville’s orders. The film uses several effective production techniques such as a variety of camera shots to fulfill different purposes. These are some of them.

Firstly, a lot of low angle shots are used when Mr Neville is being shown. Low angle shots are filmed from above and thus give us the idea that Mr Neville has a lot of power and authority over the girls. Near the end of the film, when Mr Neville has failed to find the girls, the camera angle changes to high angle shots. This shows us that Mr Neville is losing the control he had over the girls and makes him look like a smaller figure compared to when low angle shots are used.

Another production technique used in Rabbit-Proof Fence is the use of wide shots. Most of the wide shots used in this film show the dry, barren land Molly, Gracie and Daisy walk through to get home. Wide shots are used to reveal the setting of which the characters in the film are moving through. Most wide shots are followed by an aerial shot, which is taken from above using something like a helicopter. This also gives a good sense of setting like the wide shot.

Camera shots and angles are not the only production techniques used in Rabbit- proof Fence. The use of sound is also used. A scene that uses sound is when a tracker is tracking down the girls and they have to be quiet. The music suddenly stops when Molly says “Shhh!” and beckons the younger girls to be quiet. This adds suspense and anticipation and the audience find themselves holding their breath, waiting to see what happens next.

To conclude, many different production techniques were used in the...
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