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Business Law

“BraveHeart Security”

Presented to : Ms. Rabia Nawaz

Presented By:
Mohammad Shayan Babar Khan 12981
Muhammad Salman Tahir 12468
Muhammad Hamza Laiq 12209
Zubair Hussain 12131
Salman Hassan 12424

DATED: 02/05/2012

About BraveHeart Security

* It is a private Security company under the partnership of the above listed names and operates by providing security guards to general public and institutions. * Established under the administrative order issued by the Ministry of interior in 1988. * It will operate as a partnership at will.

* Registered by the Securities & Exchange Commission and holder of NOC by the Ministry of Interior. * Besides the sleeping partner, all other partners engage in the management and operation of the company. * Guards hired by the firm are obtained from rural areas who represent the skill and knowledge of handling small arms and ex-military individuals with expert knowledge on arms and ammunition. * Training of guards takes place on a quarterly basis once a year.

Partnership Deeds

Nature of business: Security Firm
Head Office: Plot A 51 Block 13 D,Gulshan, Karachi, Pakistan Name of the firm: Brave Heart Security
Names of Partners: Salman Hassan, Shayan Khan, Zubair Husain, Hamza Laiq and Salman Tahir Duration of the Firm: At will
Profit-sharing Ratios: 60% Salman Hassan; 10% Shayan Khan; 10% Salman Hassan; 10% Hamza Ahmed; 10% Zubair Hussain. Interest on Capital: 7% for all partners.
Interest on Drawings: 10% for all partners.
Management: Finance- Shayan Khan; Sales- Zubair Hussain; Marketing- Hamza Ahmed; Human Resource- Salman Tahir Accounts & Finance: Shayan Khan- CFO
Arbitration/Resolution of Disputes: Shayan Khan & Salman Tahir (Arbitrators)

Roles and Duties of Partners

1. Major Investor-Salman Hassan
* Investing 70% capital.
* Sleeping partner

2. Finance Director – Shayan Khan

* Providing the estimated sales, costs, profits for the starting 5-10 years. * Providing Cash flow, Balance Sheet and Trading and Profit and Loss Interpretation to all the partners. * Providing Investment aid to Salman Hassan as to when to inject funds and when to shrink them to balance it out with the current rate of Interest. * Coming up with strategies as to how to gain edge over competition in maintaining low cost and providing the service at competitive prices. * Consistently searching for better contracts with financial institutions primarily banks. * Distribution of profits, losses, interest on capital and payments on drawings. * In addition to all the above, managing general financial concerns of the business when and how as required by the Partnership.

3. Marketing Director – Hamza Ahmed

* Driving the strategies of marketing, by implementing them. * Can be firms agent as well, such as marketing agent
* Should not carry any liabilities before joining partners * Can take decisions if any of the partner is not present * Coming up with new and innovative and efficient ways of marketing * Analyzing the market situation

* Forming a market competitive environment for the firm.
* Promotion of the service.
* Forming visibility in community so that it can capture the minds of the customers. * Development of a basic brochure, with services related to security and contact information * Advertising it online , via paying Google ads

* Create proposals, and invite different targeted clients. * Showing our expertise in the security field by writing an article for a local newspaper. And as well as on internet. * Forming a market segmentation, targeting institutes , events , and large retail businesses. * Seeking for sponsors as well.

* Creating word of mouth.

4. Human Resource Director – Salman Tahir

* Recruiting new guys (Interview, Screening and Selecting the most appropriate) * To keep an eye over training process...
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