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Alexander Hamilton's economic measures were prompted by his determination to strengthen the national government. True
Thomas Pinckney's treaty with Spain won for the United States free navigation of the Mississippi and permission for American traders to deposit goods for shipment at the mouth of the river. True
Alexander Hamilton, Edmund Randolph, Henry Knox, and James Madison were the men chosen by President Washington to serve in the first cabinet. True
The first political parties were formed around regional and economic differences. True
The XYZ Affair involved relations between the United States and England. True
The Alien and Sedition Acts were a costly mistake for the Federalists because they were contrary to the ideas found in the Bill of Rights. True
George Washington's main objective as President of the United States was to: maintain his power and get reelected
keep peace between the northern and southern states
establish respect for the office of the Presidency
Alexander Hamilton proposed paying the entire national debt at its face value in order to: win the support of the congressmen who had speculated in government certificates reimburse only the original holders of certificates who still possessed them restore the nation's economic credit so that the government could raise money in the future Many Americans opposed Alexander Hamilton's proposal to have the national government assume the debts owed by the states because: most congressmen did not want speculators to gain profits from the scheme the Republicans feared that the national government would get too bureaucratic states that had already paid a large proportion of their debts would have to help pay the debts of other states all of the above WRONG

George Washington's proclamation of neutrality was:
issued to prevent England from marching troops through American territory in order to attack Spaniards in Louisiana prompted by Thomas Jefferson's horror at the destructive aspects of the French Revolution supported by Washington's French ally, Edmond Charles Genet

made because the United States was too weak to wage war WRONG

The United States was brought to the brink of war with England in 1794 because of: British seizure of American ships and impressment of American seamen The following item was a factor in ending the alliance between France and the United States: steadily increasing American partiality for England

French interception and impounding of American vessels bound for England the XYZ Affair
all of the above WRONG

The Alien and Sedition Acts were designed to:
keep the number of foreign immigrants to the United States at a minimum give a formal recognition to the party system within the American government restrain Republican opposition to the Federalist administration all of the above WRONG

The Kentucky and Virginia resolutions, made in opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts: once and for all determined that the national government was sovereign in the United States claimed that the states could nullify any actions by the federal government that they judged unconstitutional The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution, adopted in 1804:

required the electoral college to vote separately for president and vice president 1. first Secretary of State
2. first Secretary of the Treasury
3. opposed Hamilton's financial plan
4. minister to Britain who negotiated a treaty in 1795
5. envoy to Spain who negotiated a treaty in 1796
6. second President of the United States
7. French representative sent to United States to seek American support against Britain  
8. Attorney General under Washington

How did the French react to Jay's Treaty with England?
The French began to capture American ships.
What did the French request in response to President Adams' efforts to reach an...
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