Questions on The Great Gatsby

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1. The first few pages of this chapter are basically a list of Gatsby’s guests over the summer. What do you think is Nick’s purpose in giving us this information? 2. Where are Gatsby and Nick going?

3. What does Gatsby reveal to Nick about his past?
4. What two things does Gatsby always carry with him?
5. What happens with a policeman pulls up beside Gatsby?
6. Who is Mr. Wolfsheim?
7. What are Mr. Wolfsheim’s cufflinks (“cuff buttons”) made of? 8. What does Wolfsheim say about Gatsby and women?
9. What does Gatsby reveal about Wolfsheim?
10. Whom do Nick and Gatsby run into while at lunch? How does Gatsby react? 11. What does Jordan reveal to Nick about Daisy and Gatsby?
12. Why did Gatsby buy the house in West Egg?
13. What does Gatsby want Nick to do?
14. What “phrase [begins] to beat in [Nick’s] ears”?
Chapter 5
1. What measures does Gatsby take to make sure that Nick’s house is presentable? 2. Based on Gatsby’s behavior and appearance shortly before and after Daisy’s arrival, what can you tell about his emotional state? 3. What does Nick scold Gatsby for when they are alone in the kitchen? 

4. How does Daisy react to Gatsby’s house? How does Gatsby react to her reaction? 5. What does Gatsby do with his shirts? What is Daisy’s response? What’s up with that? 6. Where is the green light? What does Gatsby say about it? Why is this important? 7. Who is Klipspringer?

8. What song does Klipspringer play on the piano? How is it typical for this time period and the behavior we have see so far in this novel? Chapter 6
1. Who is James Gatz?
2. In several sentences, highlight some facts from Gatsby’s past. 3. Tom and two friends end up at Gatsby’s house after horseback riding. How does Gatsby react to Tom’s presence? 4. When Nick and Tom are alone, what does Tom say about Gatsby’s comment that he knows Daisy? 5. After the dinner party, what seems to be Daisy’s opinion of West Egg and the people who come to Gatsby’s house? 6. What is Gatsby’s reply to...
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