Quality Parts Case Study

Topics: Kanban, Milling machine, Assembly line Pages: 4 (956 words) Published: November 27, 2006
Week Four Case Study
Quality Parts Company
Anthony Decker
Operations Management OSC301
University of Phoenix
6 December 2004
Week Four Case Study
In the case study of the factitious company, Quality Parts Company (QPC), QPC supplies gizmos for a computer manufacturer located a few miles away. Although the text states that QPC manufactures only two models of gizmo, it also states that manufacture for models X and Y start at machine 2, the lathe, while model Z requires milling at machine 1. Based on the latter information, this analysis will assume that the former is a mistake, and rely on the three model scenario. The company produces two different models of gizmos in production runs ranging from 100 to 300 units.

Figure 1. QPC Workflows
The manager of Quality Parts Company has been contemplating installing an automated ordering system to help control inventories and to "keep the skids filled." (She feels that two days of work in front of a workstation motivates the worker to produce at top speed.) She is also planning to add three inspectors to clean up the quality problem. Further, she is thinking about setting up a rework line to speed repairs. Although she is pleased with the high utilization of most of her equipment and labor, she is concerned about the idle time of the milling machine. Finally, she has asked the industrial engineering department to look into high-rise shelving to store parts coming off machine 4. OPERATION NUMBER AND NAME OPERATION TIME (MIN)SETUP TIME (MIN)

Milling for Model Z20 60
1. Lathe5030
2. Mod. 14 drill155
3. Mod 14 drill405
4. Assembly step 1
Assembly step 2
Assembly step 350
5 Inspection30
6. Paint3020
7. Oven50
8. Packing5

Table 1. QPC Operations and Set-up time
The Manager of QPC was looking to solve several problems within the work flow of the company. One such...
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