Qualitative Reasoning for Business Review

Topics: Critical thinking, Economics, Skill Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: August 7, 2009
Qualitative Reasoning for Business Overview
Kerry Evans
University of Phoenix

The Qualitative Reason for Business (QRB) course will prepare me for future courses in economics, finance, accounting, operations and research by providing me the tools to utilize these disciplines in an effective manner. Business encompasses many variables that must be addressed. The course will start me on my way to cognitively preparing for the various challenges that await me in my career.

Presentations of several types of data will be made on products to be manufactured and sold to customers. The economic factors that will be included in providing these products will be calculated by forecasting and test market results. I will be able to interpret data and project a direction for the company to take accounting input and finance, which will be made. This course will help me develop the skill set that I need to function in a professional manner and make good decisions based on the knowledge that I have acquired.

I will be exposed to the many factors that must be included in financial decisions. The consideration of these factors will build my confidence and increase my critical thinking skills. I will have access to current data, research information and operations procedures that will present issues and problems that must me solved. The resolution of issues is very important to making a business profitable. Proper planning for a business will allow it to grow and sustain itself. I must consider current trends, industry aspects and competitive data to position the business that I am involved in to entice consumer trade. I will learn how to engage the customer through marketing campaigns to spur growth and provide the ultimate customer experience.
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