Pyramus and Thisbe Play

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Ivy: At present day, there was a woman and her daughters who went out for a stroll at the park. There was a tree that stood uniquely sturdy and covered with fresh-looking leaves and peculiarly-colored fruits that caught her daughter’s attention. Jhazel & Glaiza: Mother, what’s that tree called? (Looks at the tree innocently) Doreen: (Points at the tree) oh that one? That is a mulberry tree. Sholot: Is that a famous tree, mother?

Doreen: Many people often notice that because of its fruit which is deep red in appearance. Bala : The color of the fruit looks like hardened blood mother. Doreen: Yes of course, you know my daughter, this tree has its story, the tragic story of two lovers who are deeply into each other, once torn by their fate but reunited by their death.. _____________________________________ Jovie: Once upon a time in the ancient days of Babylon, in the reign of Queen Semiramis, houses are so close to each other that a wall was common for both houses. There existed a young boy named Pyramus and a gorgeous young girl named Thisbe. One day Pyramus heard a girl crying. Thisbe: (crying)

Pyramus: (walking towards Thisbe) Hey, why are you crying? Did someone hurt you? Thisbe: no, no.. my, my, little…bird…died..
Pyramus: It’s know what? You really look beautiful when you smile.
Thisbe: Oh really!..uhm, Thank you. By the way, I’m Thisbe. And you are?
Pyramus: Pyramus, I’m glad to meet you Thisbe. Can we be friends?
Thisbe: Sure. I’ll go home, mother is looking for me. See you Pyramus.
Clarice: From that day on. Thisbe and Pyramus became good friends. They always play together under the mulberry tree. Then one day, while they were playing…
Thisbe: come on Pyramus!! Run and get me if you can. Ahahah
Pyramus: (running, then suddenly Thisbe fell)
Stepha: Thisbe! There you are! We’ve been looking for you all day!
Rosalyn: There you are Pyramus! What are you doing here? There are more important thing to do than playing! Hurry let’s go home. (Glared at stepha)
Stepha: Oh! You here! The wife of the man who have stolen our land? So, is that your child?
Rosalyn: Yes! Any problem about that? (look at pyramus) Let’s go home pyramus & I don’t want to see you playing with her again! Understood?
Stepha: well that’s not a problem dear!
Pyramus & Thisbe: (nagdungan) PYRAMUS/THISBE.
Lecille: and yes! They obeyed their parents but they were secretly meeting each other under the mulberry tree. Time went by and they still do their usual meeting under the tree.
Ivy: Until one day, one of the guards caught them, and again they prohibited to see each other, but not the same as the last one. Their parents were very angry about this, and decided that they will never go out unless they have a reasonable excuse.

Jovie : They have grown up and learnt to love each other amidst the will of their parents to stand against them. Love however cannot be forbidden. The hole that has cracked was their only means to express themselves, their ever affectionate feelings.

Pyramus: oh dark night which hides when the sun is out! Alas! Where is my beloved Thisbe? Has she forgotten her promise to meet? And you, wall, you have separated me from my Thisbe. Oh sweet, lovely wall. Show me the hole so I can see my beloved. Thanks, sweet lovely wall. .. but what is this? There is no Thisbe? Oh you vile wicked wall, You have deceived me! (Punches the wall)

Thisbe: oh wall, how often have you heard my cries? How often have I stained you with my tears? My cherry lips have of then kissed your stones.
Pyramus: (places the ears into the wall to listen) I hear a voice! Thisbe? Is that you myl ove? Answer me, is that you Thisbe beloved?
Thisbe: my love and my life, oh Pyramus, I am Thisbe my dear!
Pyramus: indeed! You are Thisbe my love. I want to touch your hands. Bring them close to the...
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