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Topics: Plastic, Injection molding, Moldmaker Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: March 5, 2013
John Doe
MIT 1110-001
On Monday September 26 we toured PCPM. I found out they specialize in plastic injection molding and have been in business since 1978. At the beginning of the tour we were informed on the process the plastic goes through from the time it enters the factory in pellets to the time it leaves as a finished product. When we actually toured the factory it was difficult to hear our tour guide but I believe heard him say they add nylon to the plastic for certain molds to make it stronger. Seeing the molding process take place was pretty interesting, by making each mold one at a time PCPM ensures the quality of everything that leaves their warehouse. I missed quite a bit of the middle section of the factory tour because I couldn’t hear but I was especially fond of the new ecoflaps PCPM is producing. That is something I’ve never thought of before and it’s nice to know things like that are made here in Putnam County. What they do at PCPM is a pretty complex operation, with all of the different plastics they have to keep separate and at different temperatures it is quite a task. The variety of products that are made by PCPM must require a lot of skilled management to keep things running smooth.

I didn’t hear much else of the tour of PCPM but the most interesting part of the day for me was the Metrology Solutions section of the building. Metrology seems like a very cutting edge field of study and it was sweet to see the projects they were working on for the government, makes me wonder what they’re working on that they can’t tell us about. I would like to be able to work on projects like that and be able to work with that kind of technology every day. All in all the tour was very informative and very interesting.
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