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Brendan McElwee
Ptolemy was born in AD 90 in the Upper Macedonian region. He died AD 168 at the age of 78 in Alexandria, Egypt. Ptolemy grew up in the royal court at Pella. In 343 B.C.E. he joined Alexander at Mieza where he studied for three years with the Greek philosopher Aristotle. He returned with Alexander to help his friends quarrel with his father, who was the King of Macedonia. With his mother Olympias, Ptolemy and his close friends soon returned to Macedonia. The King forced Ptolemy from his court because he considered him dangerous.
In 336 B.C.E. when the King was assassinated by a group of Nobles, Ptolemy returned to the court and supported his friend Alexander’s claim to the throne. Ptolemy accompanied Alexander the Great on all of his invasions throughout the world. But after Alexander’s death on June 13, 323 B.C.E. there was no leader, because Alexander’s only brother was mentally ill. So he appointed himself governor of the Province. Ptolemy died AD 168 at the age of 78 in Alexandria, Egypt.
Ptolemy began by accepting the generally held theory that the Earth did not move and was the center of the universe. Ptolemy proposed that the planets, sun, and moon moved in small circles around much larger circles. Ptolemy also contributed substantially to mathematics by advancing to the study of trigonometry. He also applied his theory to the construction of astrolabes and sundials. He applied his astronomy and astrology skills to create horoscopes. Of historical importance, it is Ptolemy’s Geography, which charts the world as people back in his time knew it.
Ptolemy was one of the most influential Greek mathematicians of his time. Out of all the mathematicians of his time, his work was the most discussed and argued about. Ptolemy gave the name to the Ptolemy’s Planetary theory. The book is mostly devoted to astronomy and astronomy. Ptolemy’s theorem was a powerful result. With its help we established the Pythagorean Theorem. Combined with the

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