Psychology and Personality

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Human behavior Pages: 2 (295 words) Published: May 24, 2013
1. Personality

What is personality and how does affect us? Personality is the visual aspect of an individual’s character that encompasses of physical, mental, emotional and social characteristics. Personality plays an important part of part in how an individual reacts and makes decisions in his everyday life. The personality of an individual can be expressed through their social behaviour and interaction with the world around them.

"Personality is the entire mental organization of a human being at any stage of his development. It embraces every phase of human character: intellect, temperament, skill, morality, and every attitude that has beeen built up in the course of one's life." (Warren & Carmichael, 1930, p. 333)

(In an acknowledged overstatement...) "Personality is the essence of a human being." (Hall & Lindzey, 1957, p. 9, characterizing statements by Gordon Allport)

"An individual's pattern of psychological processes arising from motives, feelings, thoughts, and other major areas of psychological function. Personality is expressed through its influences on the body, in conscious mental life, and through the individual's social behavior." (Mayer, 2005)

1.1 Personality Versus Character

What is character and what does it have to do with personality? Character and personality are easily mixed up and it is important for us to know how to separate them and know the difference.

Personality is the image projected by an individual and it can easily be seen from the outside. Some personality traits would be how energetic, funny, extroverted, lazy or shy a person is.

Character is based on an individual’s belief and morals. It is also harder to figure out a person’s character than their personality as it takes time to know the person and their beliefs. Some character traits would be how honest, loyal, affectionate and determined a person is.
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