Psychological Case Study

Topics: Observation, Family, Interview Pages: 5 (1620 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Psychological Case Study

The aim of this case study is to investigate the participants relationships with other family members. Why does she argue so much with her mother? The problem that the client is faced with is in the relationship that she has with her mother. Although the love between them is clearly evident, there is a lot of friction between them and there are frequent arguments fought out. Symptoms from the client include violent swearing, shouting, sarcastic remarks, verbal attacks and sometimes physical violence. I have found that her argumentative behaviour seems to be mostly caused by adolescent puberty, with biological hormone changes being ever present. Small stimuli and annoyances will trigger this behaviour and cause severe fear for her sweet innocent brother.

Background Information

Name: Eliza Samson
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Work: Student at St Georges C of E Secondary School
Health Status: Generally good
Family History of Mental Health: As far as she knows there is no history of mental health issues in recent family history. Family and Social Relationships: Thrives in her social relationships. Has a wide range of friends with a wide range of different personalities. She appears to be able to socially adapt very well. Enjoys spending time with friends inside and outside school, at weekends and often after school as well. With her friends she will often visit their houses or go shopping or to the beach. In regards to her family relationships, things are generally positive. Although often argues with her family and quickly becomes violent towards them and will often swear. She feels that she is often subject to hazing from her brother and claims that this is why she acts out. Drug and Alcohol History: None

Life Difficulties: None
Goals and Weaknesses: Her goal, currently, is to be able to get through school with good grades and study hairdressing at college. A weakness of hers is an inability to concentrate on something that she can't understand quickly. If she cannot understand something, instead of tackling it and attempting to work it out, she will become very frustrated and refuse to acknowledge it.

This study can be theoretically generalised to a few theories that I found in my research. All these simple theories relate to why mother-daughter arguments occur. The first theory is by Ruddick, who points out that two primary factors, that in her opinion, form the basis of the conflict between mother and daughter are: The simple fact that a mother and her daughter are and should be two separate persons. What fosters growth or happiness in one does not always do the same for the other.

This theory basically states that the mother and daughter are two different human beings with their own likes and interests and should not try to be the same person.

The second theory by Secunda thinks the problem lies more in the fact that mothers and daughters have an inherent position of being allies and enemies. Mothers and daughters share some aspects of their identities. However, there is just as much of a need to be different as there is to be similar. Secunda means that there is "a built-in and unavoidable tension that goes with being someone's child." There is a competition that mothers and daughters feel that encourages daughters to do things as well as or better than their mums. Daughters frequently feel that survival without their mothers would be impossible, despite the feelings that put mums and daughters at odds. However, psychotherapist and author of For Mothers of Difficult Daughters, Dr. Charney Hearts claims that all mother-daughter relationships are set up for misunderstanding due to each participant's expectations. Mothers expect a reincarnation of self and an imitation of their behaviors. Daughters expect encouragement for individuality, approval of everything and all decisions, and lifetime nurturing. Both mothers and daughters feel disappointment in each...
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